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Isn’t it time you give your trees a make over through using our expert tree pruning and trimming services?

After all, trees prove to be a wonderful addition to a garden, and provide welcome shade on very hot days. Furthermore, they add much beauty to any surroundings and are crucial to our overall well being.

Trees that are not properly taken care of can be a danger. Driveways and pathways can become obstructed. Gutters tend to get filled with leaves. Light will be prevented from shining through your windows, not to mention the unwelcome noise from overhanging branches coming from your neighbour’s property.

Tree Pruning Services

We respect our customers and pay more than the usual attention to the health of your trees.

Common forms of tree pruning we tackle would include:

  • Crown lifting – This would involve lower branch removal in order to provide the clearance needed right under your trees where it could possibly obstruct pathways and roads.
  • Crown thinning – We are talking about selective branch removal throughout the crown to an extent where it does not affect the overall shape of your trees.
  • Crown reduction – Branches get shortened and cut back to a more suitable length to ensure additional space. This is used as a last resort. Trees such as birches and conifers should not be subdued to such treatment.

Let our expert team advise you on the best pruning practices.

Tree Trimming

There are numerous benefits to tree trimming. Some of these include:

  • Increased sunlight through your windows
  • Both your garden and trees, visual appearance will be improved
  • The life of your trees will be prolonged
  • New growth is encouraged
  • Provides an opportunity for removing dead or storm damaged branches
  • Tree height reduction

Tree Removal

Most common reasons for tree removal are the following:

  • Unhealthy trees can be a danger to people and property.
  • The roots of trees have the ability to crack water pipes or foundations.
  • Trees that are too close to your house can pose a fire hazard.
  • Diseased trees can become unstable and may fall on your house in the event of a storm.

As trained tree and stump removal experts we will ensure that any tree that requires removal is cut down piece by piece to prevent any damage from occurring.

Using our expert tree
pruning & ancillary services to help you

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